Constantly growing

The Marcuzzo company, always aiming to provide customers with a salubrious product, but always maintaining respect for the environment.

The company has adopted the most advanced techniques to achieve the sustainability of agriculture. Therefore complying with environmental sustainability, respecting the criteria of sustainable agricultural and agrifood production, giving value to those natural processes that make it possible to preserve the territory, a very precious resource.


Choose the best

With the sustainability of agriculture, we intend to pursue very ambitious goals: fair income for the agricultural laborers, health protection for them and for the consumer, the conservation of soil fertility and environmental resources over time.

Respecting our land has led us to the renunciation of massive use of chemical pesticides.
We prefer utilizing vegetable preparations (compost) and organic fertilizers, which are effective in fighting parasites but are not dangerous to humans.


Sustainable farming technique

Due to biological control, the use of herbicides has been reconsidered.

This requires introducing natural enemies such as predators, parasitoids or pathogens in order to suppress or eliminate the population of harmful insects.

This strategy includes a wide range of interventions starting with the conservation of natural enemies which involves a rational use of pesticides, up to the planned introduction of entomophagy, consequently become a living insecticide.

Therefore sustainability, organic farming and cutting-edge technology are the cornerstones of our business.

SQNPI Certification

National quality system. Integrated production

The voluntary integrated pest management is a system implemented through specific technical standards for each crop and binding phytosanitary indications (production specifications), including agronomic and phytosanitary practices and limitations in the choice of plant protection products and in the number of treatments.


Responsible behavior

ForGreen Spa sb has certified that Società Agricola Marcuzzo is a producer and consumer of electricity from renewable sources and contributes to the development and adoption of sustainable behavior for its business.

Thanks to its choice to produce and consume renewable, sustainable and EKOenergy certified energy, it favors the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere and the reduction of its environmental impact.

Certificate number: BFBS-005370-2020